Happiness Forgets

Happiness is found in Hoxton Square with cocktails you won't be able to forget

Stick NYC Pegu Club trained Alistair and DJ Andy together and you have yourself some solid foundations for a good bar.  There’s no sign, it’s just hidden below some restaurant in Hoxton Square. Inside it’s all about good drinks and good vibes, nothing too fancy or in your face;  it’s a small oasis away from the edgy haircuts and art collectives that usually fill this hood. All laid back, low lit and sexy, the small hidden tables are bang on if you’re on a hot date and up at the bar you’ll find drinkers who know what they’re doing - no gaggles of giggly skirts or popped collars here.

Happiness is where you wanna hit for laid back cocktails to start off your night or to settle in for a menu long session. Trust us, you’ll want to try them all. Each drink is made with a lot of love and affection, you won’t get offered a Cosmo down here (ask. we dare you) but instead will find a frequently changing list that will exceed all your cocktail expectations. The team here consistently bring their A-game, making sure barflies, lovebirds and cool cats have a banging time with kick ass service and charming banter. Just make sure you book ahead, this place is popular!