Hong Kong

Things we love:

The daily light show; a tacky-fantastic waste of energy that we can’t help but love. McDonalds home delivery, McLaziness at is finest. The downhill escalator commute to work; why walk when you can ride, right? Tai Long Wan, a Phuket-style paradise 45mins from central HK. Trendy grannies hot enough to put BarChick to shame, almost. The wicked English names the locals pick for themselves: Lemon Tea and Aerosmith.

Things we wish we’d known:

Taxi changeover hour takes place 4-5pm AND 4-5am. If you need a ride between these times wave a fistful of dollars and hope for the best. Trams: get on at the back; pay and get off at the front
. Always carry a jumper, it may be boiling outside but the aircon here does not hold back. There’s no such thing as ‘one drink’ - go hard or go home, even on Mondays. This place is hot on gossip, try to avoid being the talk of the town.