San Francisco

Things we love:

The view from Twin Peaks - get a car and soak up an amazing panoramic of the whole Bay Area. There is blue sky pretty much all year round. They take street food to a whole new level. Gourmet food trucks (and carts) are the best places to grab a quick bite. Even though it’s a major city known for insane hills, most of what you want to go to is very walkable/cycle friendly.

Things we wished we'd known:

The SF Bay creates a microclimate, which means a lot of rapid weather changes! Wear layers! Bring ID everywhere you plan on drinking. Sure they don’t *always* check, but more often than not they do. Alcatraz tours sell out well in advance, so buy those tickets early! It’s important to tip your bartenders! $1 per drink is standard, but drop a little extra on the first round and be patient and friendly and your bartender will start B-lining to you every time.