Tel Aviv

Things we love

The easiest , cheapest and funniest way to get around is on the big yellow taxi vans. Jump on and off from wherever you like for only 6 shekels. And the drivers are hilarious. Abu Hassan in Old Jaffa for the best hummous in town The White Night Festival: one night a year in June where the bars, clubs, shops and restaurants stay open all night. Party all night with music and live shows – anything goes! Most bars do not have an exact closing time. The owners are proud to serve until last man standing – even if you do stay on for a liquid breakfast!

Things we wish we'd known

Watch out for cyclists on the pavement – they’ll be heading straight for you! Make sure you leave tips – this is like NYC baby Be prepared, shops close and busses and trains stop working on the Sabbath (Friday at sundown to Saturday night).