The Dalston Jazz Bar

With a late licence and an wildly eclectic selection of tunes, the Jazz Bar is unique with a capital U...

It's 2am, everyone’s pumped and the thought of going home is ridiculous. Time to grab your distressed denim jacket – and get down to the wildest carpark in town, the Dalston Jazz Bar.

The dodgy-looking ‘Free Food’ sign might draw you in early doors. Book in advance and get a slap up four-course French meal (it’s insanely good). Best thing, you pay what you want (keep an eye on that cheapskate mate). There’s live jazz while you eat, it’s a hot date-night spot if you’re not into the swanky vibe. Then the chairs are scraped back and in rolls the late-night party crowd.

With the club only open on Friday and Saturday nights it like it’s designed with your late-night party habits in mind. This place attracts every type of party-goer – from the hot Brazillian students to the woman who looks like she should be at home looking after her kids, not making out with the sailor clad barman. Anything goes here. Top tips: the pints of Mojoto rock, get your tits out it’ll cost you half as much as the guy behind. Need to pee? prepare to queue, there are only 2 loos, but at least they’re unisex right?