Things we love:

Swedes treat alcohol like a plant does water. They love to eat "surströmming". That's fermented herring to you and I. They hate conflict and avoid it at all costs - the only thing they are guaranteed to rise to is if you board the T-Bana (their underground) without letting them off first, livid! Abba. Nuff said. Ikea… debatable, but sometimes you cannot beat it.

Things we wish we’d known:

St Lucia is a nationally celebrated saint, and despite the fact that she is a saint because she tore out her own eyes to avoid being seduced by a man, little children dress up like her every winter. BarChick’s next Halloween outfit sorted! Your card is working, you’re not that drunk (bankcards go in the cashpoints upside down) Those in need can call a "condom ambulance” and a van will deliver a 10-pack of condoms to your door.. safety first.