Bar Tequila


It was the end of the night, when we clocked the luminous lights reading “Tequila”, and we loved it from the minute we stepped into the red glowing den.

This place is amazing, and although it’s described as a heavy metal bar, that doesn’t mean it’s full of long hair, tattoos, leather and sweat. This place looks so sordid it’s sexy, with a red glare that could confuse most for a brothel.

There are 2 bars, running down each side of the room, with a stool to sit on, and a pair of headphones on a hook above each seat. You can simply grab one of the pens and paper on offer, and jot down a song request for the DJ (the old guy spinning who looks a little past his sell by date!) and when a song comes on that you want to rock out to, whack on the headphones and get in the zone. If not, enjoy a conversation with your friends without straining your vocal chords until the next request begins to play. Perfect! It’s hard not to have a good time here, especially after the obscene amount of Tequila slammers you’ll inevitably swallow during your visit!

Ps. Do do what barchick did and buy novelty disco glasses and lighters from the weird guy selling them at the bar!



Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 103, 08001 Barcelona, Spain Tel: +34 933 012 558


Sunday 17:00 - 03:15
Monday 05:00 - 03:15
Tuesday 21:00 - 03:15
Wednesday 21:00 - 03:15
Thursday 21:00 - 03:15
Friday 21:00 - 03:15
Saturday 21:00 - 00:00


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