Juanra Falces


As the clock struck 12 on NYE 1979 and the world stepped into the shoulder-padded 80s, a little cocktail bar on one of the quieter streets in Born, stepped back into the 50s and it has been that way ever since. However, despite its auspicious birthday, NYE is the only night of the year that it is closed. Not many can fit into this establishment, (it’s half the size of Don Draper’s drawing room), but those that can are surrounded by sleek mahogany, bubbly jazz, cool air and not much else, which is just how they like it.

Formerly known as Gimlet, it changed its name only to distinguish itself from its estranged, younger, step brother who lives uptown. The bar is frequented by the creative types of Barcelona, the occasional celeb and the odd foreigner, but the drinks are the real star. One needs imagination to order as there is no menu, we say go classic, but if your mind goes blank then summon the bar’s maiden name because it is poured to perfection. At 33 this bar looks good for its age, which only gives it more kudos.




Carrer del Rec, 24, 08003 Barcelona, Spain Tel: + 34 93 310 10 27


Mon: 10pm to 3am, Tue - Sat: 8pm - 3am, Sun: 10pm - 3am


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