Smoll Bar


This kid is kitsch and 70s at that. Smoll Bar doesn't fit much in it but what it does do gives this place a Gothic Quarter rep like no other. Yep it’s always packed so full that you’ll want to turn on your heels as soon as you see it but trust us, even if it’s for a quick drink, you’ll want to experience this neon - glass-filled cave of a bar. There are white plastic egg cup chairs, multi-coloured glassware and one single fan to blast a little circulation into the place. Packed for good reason it’s fun and fresh and normally always full of guys if you’re into that.

You’ll want a Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Mojito or Piña Colada baby... we’re talking cute, bright and a good partner in crime to your night out. We also recommend their house shot the “Kalashnikov”, which is only a little less dangerous than it sounds; a slice of lemon is loaded up with half coffee powder and half sugar which is then chased with a shot of vodka. It pretty much has “boom” written all over it.

Best bit of all is the furniture, there are lamps and bits and bobs all for sale, so no doubt a couple of cocktails down you’ll have some new homeware on your hands.




Carrer d'Ataülf, 9, 08002 Barcelona, Spain Tel: +34 93 310 3173


Mon - Thurs: 9:30pm - 2:30am, Fri & Sat: 9:30pm - 3am


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