Two Schmucks

Two Schmucks


The OG five-star dive bar

Where do the skateboarders of Barcelona head for a cocktail or three after a long day of being effortlessly cool? Yep, this is the place. Two Schmucks started out as a series of rowdy DIY bar takeovers around the globe before setting up shop in Barca's boho El Raval neighbourhood. In its current form, it carries on the bold, brash energy of its early days, with a party-ready vibe and a back bar adorned with cheeky stickers, black-and-white photos and nostalgic memorabilia. 

Everyone's here for a good time, but don't get it twisted - Two Schmucks' cocktails are serious stuff. The menu is a glorious fusion of cultural and culinary influences, and these drinks aren't afraid to show their savoury side, with ingredients like fish sauce, balsamic, mushrooms and garam masala (not all at once, though they'd probs make that tasty too). Ask the bartenders for a rec - they're absolute legends - and be sure to order our fave, the Melon, Cheese & Pepper (a mix of gin, vermouth, cantaloupe, mozzarella cheese foam and cracked black pepper). And when you've made your way through the cocktail list but you're not ready to call it a night, head over to Fat Schmuck and Lucky Schmuck, two other killer venues from the Schmuck crew (all on the same street, no less!). Ain't no party like a Schmuck party, y'all.

By Kate Malczewski


Carrer de Joaquín Costa 52 Raval 08001


Monday-Sunday: 6pm-2am


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