If Gemmazye represents the more gritty underground drinking scene in Beirut and Hamra is where the college kids head, Uruguay Street, in its plush surroundings of renovated Downtown area, takes upmarket to new levels. As such, Zucca, is right in the heart of the street and is the ultimate place for people watching and seeing how the other half live. Perfectly preened hair and finest Italian fashion are the order of the day, for both men and woman, as they perch outside this trendy bar which spills out onto the street. It may not have as much character as some of the other bars in Beirut, catering to a crowd more interested in good service and good drinks rather than funky design or quirky props. Importantly for BarChick though, it does great cocktails - the Elderflower Sour was a particular favourite - and, while they may not come cheap, heading down between 5 and 8 for happy hour with 50% off makes it even more attractive.




Uruguay Street, Downtown Beirut, Beirut
Tel: +961 1 998 669


Mon - Sun: 4pm - 1am


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