It is easy to miss 8mm bar, it’s very non-descript, to the point of seeming shut. Once through the door and past the curtain however, things get lively. So dimly lit you almost have an excuse to cosy up to the wrong person… Barchick loved the smoky atmosphere.

Whereas some bars try hard to be distressed, 8mm just is. Old rockers discussing the lack of good peyote these days, A and R men DJing and the bar staff all being in various bands, give this place authenticity. The atmosphere dictates the best choice of drink – beer in a bottle, or a Dark and Stormy for example.

8mm gets busy but not until late, so it’s a great place to finish an evening accompanied by a soundtrack even the most knowledgeable music aficionado will find interesting. If you wanna know where to cool kids of Berlin are hanging out, this is a good bet.


By Hannah Grace Lodge


Schönhauser Allee 177b, 10119 Berlin, Germany Tel: +49 30 4050 0624


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