Soho House Berlin


Located on the corner of Torstrasse and Prenzlauer Allee in East Berlin’s fashionable district of Mitte, Soho House Berlin is a pretty nostalgic affair. If (like BarChick) you’ve spent a bit of time kicking back in London’s Shoreditch House, then this place will be sure to make you feel homesick. Identical to its older sister in many ways, there are just enough differences to ferment the fact that you’re somewhere else, but it’s a funny feeling nonetheless.

A stark mixture of industrial concrete and velvet soft furnishing evoke an air of warm glamour, while brass fittings and clever lighting keep this place mysterious. The history of this place is pretty deep, but we ain’t gonna bore you with it.

The lounge area is actually rather small, especially if you’re used to the airy space of Shoreditch House, come here for the vibe and to mingle with hot media types and forward thinkers. The view from the roof is pretty spectacular and the outside pool that requires acts of valiance is something of a centerpiece. Drink wine or beer here, this place is about the vibe and the shoulder rubbing and not the bevs.



Torstraße 1, 10119 Berlin, Germany Tel: +49 30 40 50 440


Mon - Sat: 7am - 3am, Sun: 7am - 1am


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