You have to be a committed drinker to come here because it’s quite a trek from the centre, but it’s a journey worth making. Head down the stairs, knock and you shall be received (well hopefully, based on two things, 1. It’s not full, there’s a no standing policy, and 2. You’re not a bunch of hooligans fresh from the football pitch), oh and if the barman’s in the middle of preparing a drink you’ll just have to wait, but that's fine.

Welcome to a dimly lit, sultry den of cocktail perfection; it’s all dark wood, stripy walls and velvet and leather seats. It’s swanky in here, but not in an off-putting way, so soak up the chilled tunes and sexy atmosphere and kick back, this truly is a bar that swallows up time and we like it.

Sit at the long bar and get chatting to the barman, trust us, he’s good, real good, as are his drinks (but not his chat up lines). There’s a ‘no foam and no jelly’ policy, they say so themselves, just straight up damn fine creations. If you like honey, you’ll love the Ethicurean, made with vodka, lemon juice, honey, apple juice and finished off with a sprig of fresh thyme, or he makes a mean Whisky Sour or Pisco Sour if that’s more your bag. Definitely order the Cynar Blossom (if you can handle it) it’s made with Cynar (artichoke liquor), Lillet Blanc and an orange wedge. Oh and see that painting behind the bar, it’s a secret cupboard for the very special bottles… ask and you shall be rewarded.



52 Upper Belgrave Rd, Avon, Bristol BS8 2XP, UK Tel: +44 (11) 7946 6081


Mon - Sun: 8pm - 2am


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