From the word go this place is trendy, you’ll see it from way off with all its fancy lighting and DJ by the window. If you are already questioning if this is for you, then walk away now, as it’s only gonna get worse. This place is a bit like walking onto the set of Hollyoaks or a Ted Baker commercial: the crowd’s fashionable, the DJ and his music is current and the decor is stylish. It’s a proper lounge bar haven and it’s “well trendy.”

Although there isn’t a lot of character involved, we don’t care; we’re here for the cocktails! This is yet another bar with a Japanese influence, but that works for us. Saki, Sochu, plum wine and wasabi leaves all get involved in the drinks here and they were all delicious. With its famous restaurant upstairs, it would be stupid not to have some food. Oh and if you are into your gin and whiskey, you’re in for a treat with their 23 gins and 14 whiskeys.



Store Kongensgade 59, 1264 København, Denmark Tel: +45 3338 7500


Mon-Thu 6pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 6pm-11pm, Sun Closed



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