The Exchequer

The Exchequer

The Exchequer


BarChick is not about gastropubs, but sometimes there are exceptions to her rulebook and because of the drinks, this is one of them. You’ll be met with a bookish interior (select one if you’re lonely), some inviting (despite their lime green colour) high chairs and a lot of wood both on the walls and the floor.

Choose a bar, there are two on offer and if you can see past the beer taps you will notice an incredibly well-stocked back bar, the playground of the guys on parade in front of it. The cocktails are all about the experience so settle into a leather booth and be sure not to rush it. The menu, The Ledger of Liquor, is like a handwritten book and it is as impressive as it is charming. It is split into aperitifs, digestifs, long drinks and concoctions. Feeling adventurous BarChick went for the Key Lime Pie Meringue Martini, (oh yes she did) and it was nothing short of a delicious boozy pudding. Her date, struggling to keep up, opted for an Espresso Martini and thankfully it sorted him right out (p*ssy).

The dining room out the back is pretty and inviting. With burnt orange wallpaper, a marble fireplace and cosy velvet chairs to sink into as you tuck into guinea fowl and slow cooked pork belly. Ignore the puddings, just do as BarChick does and have another cocktail.




3-5 Exchequer St, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin, Ireland Tel: +353 1 6706787


Sunday 12:00 - 23:00
Monday 12:00 - 23:30
Tuesday 12:00 - 23:30
Wednesday 12:00 - 23:30
Thursday 12:00 - 00:30
Friday 12:00 - 01:30
Saturday 12:00 - 01:30



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