Eve Bar

Eve Bar


Forbidden fruit has never tasted so good

The sign at the door of this Covent Garden drinking den reads "Resist Everything Except Temptation" in bright neon letters - a commandment we're more than willing to obey when it's Adam Handling giving the orders. Eve Bar is the cocktail lair of the legendary chef, tucked away below his acclaimed restaurant Frog, which earned its first Michelin star in 2022.

This is the kinda place you go when you wanna get a little naughty. Slither down the stairs and enter a world of racy hedonism, with dramatic vibes and stained-glass decor showcasing the biblical first couple in all their naked glory. Play footsie with your date in one of the intimate velvet booths, or channel your inner villain and dish up some hot goss with your mates at the bar. 

Cocktails here have a sleek and sexy minimalist edge. When we visited, the bar had just launched its "V" menu, centred on the number five - a reference to the five bartenders on the team, the five components that make up the Perfect Manhattan (that's Adam's fave cocktail, FYI) and the five central ingredients of the spirits used in the drinks (that's agave, juniper, grain, malt and corn, and sugar cane). If you're having doubts about what to order, ask the bartenders and they'll whisper devious recs in your ear (or just order the Perfect, Three Cherries Manhattan, an absolute banger). 

Remember the part where we said this bar belongs to one of the best chefs in the country? Yeah, that means you're gonna want to try the snacks, which are made by the experts in the kitchen upstairs. Expect a devilish dose of theatre - who doesn't love a bit of dry ice with their egg, bacon and maitake risotto? - and don't miss the infamous cheese donuts. Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned - and we sure as hell plan on doing it again.


By Kate Malczewski


34 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HF


Sun-Mon Closed
Tuesday 4pm -12am
Wednesday 3pm-12am
Thurs - Sat 12pm-1am


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