A decaying, sticky dance floor, a stripper pole for customer use and Trainspotting style toilets. You would think these were reasons not to visit Garibaldi’s on Edinburgh’s Hanover Street, but that’s where you’re wrong – they’re exactly why we love it. Head downstairs to the unassuming entrance and prepare for debauchery (while trying to forget that they once served food).

‘Gari’s’, as the stream of guilty regulars affectionately know it, is a Mexican-themed dive club, frequented by the city’s hospitality workers and those escaping monotonous George Street nightspots in search of a tequila-fuelled party. Think cheesy music, drunk incestuous bar staff on their night off, sharing (or not) jugs of Piña Colada and the distinct possibility of having your bag nicked. It’s all about tequila here, although they do stock Mexican lagers like Dos Equis and Pacifico for those looking for something more refreshing, or for washing down said tequila.

Once notorious for their free-pouring bar staff, where Spanish measures seemed to apply with no other discernable rules. Sadly after a few run-ins with the law they’ve toned things down a bit, however that doesn’t stop even the most macho man in the group from attempting a Hollywood Spin. In the words of the great philosopher Pitbull, ‘Que no pare la fiesta’.



97A Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ, UK Tel: +44 131 220 3007


Mon - Sun: 6pm - 3am



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