El Zaguan


El Zaguan is bang smack in the middle of Ibiza town and is always busy with locals. Somehow the tourists and pillheads get distracted by McDonald’s or the tranny bars and leave this place free of anyone unnecessary. Go there to hang out with the locals, drink beer and cava, and grab some cold tapas from the bar. Keep your eyes peeled for the waiters passing by with hot tapas, they’re not to be missed. Each one comes with a toothpick/cocktail stick, which get counted up when you leave so they can charge you accordingly (not to be misplaced!). Before 8pm you’ll get a seat, afterwards it’s perfectly bustling – go whenever, and get involved before the madness of the Island takes over!




Av. de Bartomeu de Roselló, 15, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain Tel: +34 97 119 2882


Sunday 12:30 - 23:30
Monday 12:30 - 23:30
Tuesday 12:30 - 23:30
Thursday 12:30 - 23:30
Friday 12:30 - 23:30
Saturday 12:30 - 23:30
Wednesday closed


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