Sa Perfumeria (Sunset Café)


These two bars are next door to each other and BarChick still hasn’t worked out how to party in one without partying in the other. To the untrained eye this hotspot could be discounted as being ‘just another Spanish caf with a terrace’, but don’t be fooled, this bustling hive of hedonism is where you’ll find the coolest cats in town. A favourite amongst residents and workers (of the non-San An variety) the people you meet here will end up being your summer family: you’ll laugh with them, cry with them, change the world with them and then drink the bar dry with them.

Don’t expect views of the sunset, in the middle of Ibiza Town, it’s more urban than coastal, but the view of Plaza Del Parque is as good as any. Check out the street performers, we were particularly enchanted by the chick with the dope diablo skills, or admire the on trend vagabundos, with their dreads and tie dyed Ts.

Serving up bocadillos and all things alcoholic, this is the perfect place to kick off your night. Be sure to say hi to the fabulous Odette, she’s the hottest waitress we know and an absolute trooper too. She’ll party with you by night and get you crunk again by day, marriage material.



Plaza Del Parque N°3, 07800 Ibiza Tel: +34 (67) 8283 982


Mon - Sun: 10am - 3am


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