45 Jermyn Street

45 Jermyn Street

45 Jermyn Street


It’s not easy to get hold of a good cocktail in these over-priced parts. Good job 45 Jermyn Street, tucked away just behind Fortnum and Mason, is here to save the day with its old school glamour and killer cocktail list. You’re in the land of the suit-makers and fine-diners so you’re gonna want to keep your drinks, upper lip and shirt collars stiff.

You’ll feel the part as soon as you rock in here; the red leather, big frosted windows and Art Deco features let you know you’re somewhere special. This place is anniversary date night material and it’s also perfect for client schmoozing as well as being mother-in-law friendly (although hopefully she’s picking up the bill). Although the leather booths and expertly laid wooden tables look the part, you’ll find BarChick swiveling on a stool up at the long marble bar. It’s beautiful up here, real classic stuff with perfect glassware and those vintage lamps that make you look just that bit sexier than you do in real life.

If wine’s your thing you’ll be kept well watered with a 230 strong list, but you shouldn’t neglect the cocktails. Rickies, Aperitfs and Martinis are all good but it’s the ice cream floats we’re waving goodbye to our waistline for… Negronis with a blood orange sorbet?  Four Roses Bourbon with cornflake ice cream? Hell yeah. Serve it up alongside some of the side plates of the delicious food that critics rave about and you won’t be moving anytime soon.


By Hannah Grace Lodge


45 Jermyn St, St. James's, London SW1Y 6JD, UK St. James's Park Tel: +44 20 7205 4545


Mon - Fri: 7am - 11pm, Sat: 8am - 11pm, Sun: 8am - 6pm


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