Ave Mario


When it comes to The Big Mamma Group, more is always more.

You've been to Capri with Gloria, and you eventually made it into Sicily via Circolo Popolare... isn't it time to cross Florence off your list?

The Big Mamma Group, famous for queues around the block, maximalist dishes that have you craning to see what the table next to you has ordered, and dining rooms that can make even the insta-sceptic diners reach for their phone, is going for lucky numero tre and opening its third (and largest) venue in Covent Garden this June, spread across two floors complete with a Florentine-inspired menu that'll keep the "more-is-more" attitude Big Mamma is known for well and truly alive.

Ave Mario is gonna have seating for almost 300 of ya, with a '70s-themed mirrored basement for partying, a bar decorated with 3,500 bottles, two terraces and an inner courtyard if you've got the flavour for open-air feasting. All that space and we bet there will still be queues snaking around the piazza just so people can get their hands on the new Venetian caviar menu and a slice of the 2-foot tall stracciatella ice cream cake. This is The David of cakes, baby, marbled with chocolate spread. Michelangelo wishes he could create something as mouth-watering.

Ave Mario will open in Covent Garden on 25 June 2021


By BarChick


15 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8QG


Monday - Wednesday 8am - 12am
Thursday - Saturday 8am -1am
Sunday 8am - 11pm


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Sunday in Brooklyn, NYC

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