Sachi at Pantechnicon

Sachi at Pantechnicon

Sachi at Pantechnicon

Sachi at Pantechnicon

Sachi at Pantechnicon


BarChick’s dreaming of sushi - and it’s the Japanese extravaganza found at Sachi.

Sometimes when BarChick hits the town, we don’t just want damn good food - we want an experience. Craftsmanship. Artistry. Carefully curated ambiance. As well as the damn good food bit, obvs. For a night like this, get yourself to Sachi at the Pantechnicon. It’s a celebration of everything epic about Japanese culture: the sleek style, the awesome food, the artisan approach to cuisine… even a secret speakeasy sake bar inspired by the Izakayas of Tokyo.

Start in one of the sexy booths with a Sachi Mizuwari (Roasted Buckwheat infused Nikka from the barrel, Okinawa sugar & soft water, dontcha know), then shimmy into the open-plan dining room for a feast of impeccable sushi, lobster tempura + Wagyu sirloin. Go on, order that extra dish - you're gonna be glad you did. Then finish the night having a sake education in Sakaya, where you'll feel like you've been whisked to a Shinjuku side street. Night out: complete.

By BarChick


Tue – Sun: 17:30 – 22:00



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