The Chinoiserie Bar

The Chinoiserie Bar

The Chinoiserie Bar

The Chinoiserie Bar

The Chinoiserie Bar


This might just be home to the best Martini we've ever had...

As far as we're concerned, the mark of an awesome bar is the quality of their Martini. Any bartender worth their arm-garters should be able to make one, and yet it's a classic that gets f*cked up more than the cast of Geordie Shore. So when we say this place might just make the best Martini we've ever had... well, that tells ya pretty much all ya need to know about this place.

Yeh, you might be interested to know that this elegant, luxuriously plush bar off the lobby of The Carlton Tower Jumeirah in Knightsbridge has some v. flattering lighting, making it a no brainer if you wanna impress a date with drinks and your face; and if you like to eat while you get down to drinking, it's probably worth knowing that the marinated mini chicken burgers practically overflow with moreish Asian flavours from the lashings of curried mayo. But like we said, all you need to know is that the Mango & Dandelion cocktail, AKA their clever and precise riff on a Dry Martini, with its base of Beluga Noble vodka and a gentle, subtly juicy introduction of lacto-fermented mango & apricot, Mancino bianco, dandelion & burdock bitters and a spritz of Mercato coperto essence, is the best Martini we might have ever had...

By Georgie Pursey


Ground Floor, The Carlton Tower Jumeirah Tel: +44 20 7858 7185


Daily: 12pm-1am


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