Alcotraz Prison Bar

Alcotraz Prison Bar


Get served creative cocktails as you serve your time - just remember to bring a bottle

Orange is the new black, and at Brick Lane's Alcotraz slammer you gotta look the part. Dress light, 'cos you'll be supplied with your own orange boiler suit to whack on over your clothes. Smuggle your bottle of choice past the warden and it's game on. There's no strip search in place, but if you're lucky you might have a hot cellmate to do the job once you're both outta the slammer. 

Your sentence is for an hour and 45 minutes, so there's plenty of time for one of the inmates to knock up four cocktails on the DL with your spirit. We snuck in a small bottle of The Botanist Gin and another of The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, but if you just wanna get a bottle of voddy from the off-licence next door then go for it. There's no menu, but from what we tried we reckon the repertoire of the mixology-inclined inmates is of the "crowd-pleaser" variety. Our cell saw three variations on a Pornstar Martini - one vodka, one gin and one whisky. All were seriously sweet and served in an old bean can. Kitsch. They knocked up a pretty tasty Whisky Sour and a tangy Tom Collins, too. The rest is a sugary, fruity blur. But you're not here for world-class cocktails. You're here for a bad-ass time.

By BarChick


212 Brick Ln, London E1 6SA, UK


Monday Closed for visitors
Tuesday 18:00-20:00 (Masterclass)
Tuesday 20:30-22:15 (Sentence)
Wednesday 18:15-20:00
Wednesday 20:30-22:15
Thursday 18:15-20:00
Thursday 20:30-22:15
Friday 17:00-18:45
Friday 19:15-21:00
Friday 21:30-23:15
Saturday 12:30-14:15
Saturday 14:45-16:30
Saturday 17:00-18:45
Saturday 19:15-21:00
Saturday 21:30-23:15
Sunday 13:45-15:30
Sunday 16:00-17:45



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