Bao Soho

Bao Soho

Bao Soho


Back when these Taiwanese buns became the new burger in this city, it was only a matter of time before someone opened a place dedicated to the delicious little f*ckers. And that place was Bao. You might not believe it now when every man and his dog is serving these fluffy buns, but Bao was making waves and London loved it. Still does, as you'll see from the constantly packed-out restaurant. 

On the top of Lexington Street you'll find this super cool, super popular, no bookings Taiwanese hangout. Go off-peak and you'll get in easy - go on a Friday night at 8pm and you'll queue longer than you would at Alton Towers on a Bank Holiday.

The ladies and gents in white coats will take great care of you here. We say order lots and don't even consider sharing a bao. Try the Pig Blood Cake, it's not as rando as it sounds. And do have a peanut milk, it’s insane and the only downside is that they're not offering it spiked with rum. Drink sake, drink Taiwanese beer and the ciders are awesome too. Now you just have to get a seat. See you in the queue!

By Hannah Grace Lodge


53 Lexington St, Carnaby, London W1F 9AS, UK


Sunday 12:00 - 17:00
Monday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 22:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 22:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 22:00
Thursday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 22:30
Friday 12:00 - 22:30
Saturday 12:00 - 22:30



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