Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge


The guys at the Inception Group (all the places responsible for you ‘calling in sick’ the following morning) have literally moved mountains - and beavers - to bring Wyoming to West London. And we’re pleased they did because there definitely weren't enough cowboys to go around before.

They've trapped moose heads, grizzly bears and beavers inside this mountain cabin, as well as a whole load of Bulleit Bourbon. We say challenge a couple of lumberjacks to a Pickleback contest, line dance with Daisy Duke then get cosy with a Huckleberry in front of the fire, hardshake in hand.

As night descends DJ Lumberjack and the Big Bad Wolves will get the party started and will smash out rock n roll anthems until sunrise, unless there’s a stand-off with Desperate Dan and The Golden Gunshot Gang. In which case there’s only two things for it; some good ol’ American liquor and a hoedown.

Who knows you might get lucky and get busy with a beaver!



266 Fulham Rd, Kensington, London SW10 9EL, UK Tel: +44 020 7590 3609


Thurs: 10pm - 2am, Fri - Sat: 10pm - 3am


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