Casita Andina

Casita Andina

Casita Andina

Casita Andina

Casita Andina


Martin Morales is at it again with his hot Peruvian joint in Soho. Inspired by the family-run picanterias of the Andes, this place is all about tradition, organic and sustainable ingredients and of course, Peru’s national spirit, Pisco. There's a whole bar dedicated to the stuff so you can enjoy a Passion Fruit Pisco Sour to have with your chocolate queso fresco mousse. 

The mains are what we’re talking about, with casava fries, sea bass ceviche and grilled octopus with a sweet chancaca glaze. Kinda healthy, so if your summer bod prepping, this should be your dinner date place. The space is all kinds of cute as well, with bright woven fabrics and quirky Peruvian knick-knacks. The clincher? A mother freakin’ open-air terrace. In SOHO. Nice work Martin.

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By Hannah Grace Lodge


31 Great Windmill St, Soho, London W1D 7LP, UK Soho Tel: 020 3327 9464


Sunday 10:00 - 22:00
Monday 17:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 17:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 23:00
Thursday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 23:00
Friday 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 23:30
Saturday 10:00 - 23:30



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