Chakana Club

Chakana Club


Love it or hate it, it's the time of year for West End clubs to shine (and take all your money). With the Box and Disco upping the stakes, Nick House’s new club Chakana certainly better deliver, or will it just be full of t*ssers fist pumping and exercising daddy’s black AmEx? Go figure.

5 Reasons To Reconsider Avoiding Chakana 

You may think you've seen it all before but have you ever seen pisco served from the head of a jaguar? Didn't think so.

The word 'Chakana' means tree of life, you might not feel very pure when you wake up the next day, but this place is like totally spiritual. Sure.

Entertainment is inspired by Tarantino’s cult classic 1996 movie From Dusk till Dawn, so if crime and horror make you want to bust some shapes then you're in for a good one.

There will be beautiful people everywhere. And by beautiful we mean crunk, and by everywhere we mean falling all over your table.

Cocktails will feature the super foods of The Andes. Chia seeds, maca root, Inca berries and coca leaves... detox while you retox people. You got something stuck in your teeth.



23 Orchard St, Marylebone, London W1H 6HL, UK Tel: +44 20 7224 4699


Mon - Sun: 10pm - 4am


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