Cocotte Rotisserie

Cocotte Rotisserie

Cocotte Rotisserie

Cocotte Rotisserie


Talk about poultry in motion...

With its romantic French courtyard meets English garden vibes, this Hoxton Square restaurant has Summer night dining and cosy Winter dates written all over it. Inside the white-washed brick walls snake with ivy, and beyond the industrial style bi-fold doors is one of those terraces you could sit on for hours as you make your way through the menu of french-style cooking. You won't even notice as the warm days give way to balmy nights as you get involved with their refreshing menu of Spritz's.

If poulette ain't your thing, you're gonna be disappointed, cos their rotisserie chicken is The One. The little French cluckers served up here are free-range from the Pays de la Loire (ooh la la) and get their vibrant, signature flavours from an overnight deep soak in Herbes de Provence. They're finished on a spit, served to your table with a golden, crispy skin. Now it's time for the eating to begin with a table full of salads, sauces and sides. They've got some french Ottolenghi vibes going on here; try the juicy, sweet plum tomatoes with salty feta, and the rich, deep purple puree of aubergine caviar sweetened with pomegranate, and don't forget the almost candied sweetness of their roasted root vegetables. When you think you've ordered more than enough for the table, order one more dish, and make it the Truffled Mac n Cheese. That sh*t's next level. Winner winner chicken dinner, baby.

By Georgie Pursey


8 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU Tel: 020 7033 4277


Monday 12–10pm
Tuesday 12–10pm
Wednesday 12–10pm
Thursday 12–10pm
Friday 12–11pm
Saturday 10am–11pm
Sunday 10am–9pm


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