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Coqbull Soho

Coqbull Soho

Coqbull Soho


Get ready for a coq fest

Coqbull is from the same crew behind our fave Spitalfields pub, The Gun (AKA home of the best roast in town), but this new four-story West-End joint is all about free-range rotisserie chicken, fully-packed gourmet burgers and good-time vibes. Four storeys = space for 350 of ya, which is good cos we're pretty sure this place is gonna be v. popular when the word is out about their killer roof terrace tucked behind the iconic big screens of Piccadilly.

Yeah, Soho ain't short of awesome brunch spots, but brunch spots with roof terraces... well, they're as rare as an apology from the Government right now. With views into Soho, cascading flowers and colourful foliage seeping down the walls, and a British weather-friendly covering complete with heaters and blankets, this is where you'll find us soaking up the sun (and the sins from the night before) this Summer.

Their menu rocks the Deep South flavours; succulent fried chicken dripping in hot sauce on fluffy waffles; burgers piled so high you'll have to unhinge your jaw to get 'em in your mouth; and BBQ wings slathered with sweet n' smokey sauces. We like our brunches dirty, and honey, this is a wet-wipe fest. Then there's the cocktails (or should we say, coqtails) that bring some seriously bad-ass flavour combos to the table. We were digging the Día de los Muertos vibes of the Velvet Picante; blackened by the Charcoal and chilli infused tequila and sweetened with agave, Cointreau and lime... but it was the mellow tartness of the Balsamicoq, made with vodka, cranberry, strawberry, lemon and balsamic reduction that blew our minds. Yeah, it's a combo that works in a salad, but it really kicks ass in a rocks glass.

By Georgie Pursey


17-19 Denman St, London W1D 7HW Tel: +44 (0) 20 7846 1189


Monday 12–11pm
Tuesday 12–11pm
Thursday 12–11pm
Friday 12–11pm
Saturday 12–11pm
Sunday 12–11pm


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