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Dai Chi

Dai Chi


This new place from the team behind Angelina is like sex on a stick

Two things you need to know about Osaka’s famous Kushikatsu dining culture: 1. kushi = skewer 2. katsu = deep-fried. Now you know that, you know what to expect at Dai Chi, the new restaurant from the team behind Angelina in Dalston.

This place is all about exploring the art of deep-frying the highest quality vegetables, fish and meat on traditional kushi skewers - think fried Lotus root, goma and black sesame whipped with tofu & aged balsamic, and Scallop, bergamot ponzu and Exmouth caviar. This Kushikatsu menu is served omakase-style, a bit like how it goes down at big sis, Angelina. Feeling flush? Flex your plastic with an upgrade to the more complex omakase menu with the addition of boujie Kushikatsu sticks of fried A5 wagyu tenderloin and white truffle, and deep-fried oysters with blackberry & yuzu kosho granita. Credit card bills are future-you's problem.


By Georgie Pursey


Dai Chi, 16A D'Arblay Street, W1F 8EA


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