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Farzi Cafe


Cocktails created around astrology. Star-sign us up.

Horoscopes. You’re either into them and check The Pattern every day, or you think it’s a load of BS. Whichever it is, here’s one way of stargazing you’re gonna get on board with - drinking your way through the zodiac. The very talented team at Farzi Cafe has come up with an epic menu that steers you through the star-signs with a cocktail for each one. What's more, they've also delved into the philosophy of Ayurveda - medicinal healing with translates as “The Science of Life.” Awesome.

Virgos’ll be drinking a Kanya in the West - it’s got Frankincense which’ll bring balance to the dosha of Vata, dontcha know. The tropic of Capricorn slices through Peru, so this cocktail embraces Pisco. Boom. These guys like to get nerdy, so expect epic glassware, curious ingredients, and science-lab techniques. Our favourite spot is at the bling bling bar, watching the alchemy happen. Make sure to get involved with the Indian snacks, cos the Paneer cheese popcorn is not to be missed. Can’t resist the scents from the kitchen? Grab a table and feast on modern Indian cuisine while knocking back horoscope cocktails to your heart's content. 


By BarChick


8 Haymarket, West End, London SW1Y 4BP, UK


Sunday 12:00 - 21:45
Monday 12:00 - 22:45
Tuesday 12:00 - 22:45
Wednesday 12:00 - 22:45
Thursday 12:00 - 22:45
Friday 12:00 - 23:15
Saturday 12:00 - 23:15



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