This epic Dalston bar all about tequila, baby

Slammers, shots and crippling hangovers have given tequila a bad wrap that it doesn't deserve - though to be honest, if you're knocking back the cheap stuff from a plastic shot glass, your head deserves that two-day pounding. However, if you're prepared to enjoy tequila our way -sipped gently, or in epic cocktails served by those in the know - then this sweet spot in Dalston is where it's at.

Deano Moncrieffe is the man behind it all. We thought our job was goals, but he's held the enviable role of luxury tequila ambassador for Diageo Reserve, and he's picked up a fair bit of agave knowledge over the years. He's opened this full-blown "agaveria" off the back of it, featuring all types of agave spirits, and heavy on the tequila and mezcal. Golden hour bathes the 40-seater venue in plenty of light each evening, so either take a seat in the window alongside the cacti and watch the sun cover your table, or perch at the bar where you can pick Deano's brain on the best serves to order.

The signature serve may look like like a glass of water, but on reflection, you'll find one helluva Mirror Margarita - a whole other kinda thirst quencher. It’s all about delicate vibes and a super fresh taste served on tap from a giant glass piña. We dig that it's made with malic acid rather than lime juice, so you can keep drinking it without that acrid, cheek-decaying feeling on the mouth after one too many (if there is such a thing) Then there's the epic, rotating agave list, which sits on one long shelf behind the bar. It's got 25 bottles: industry faves, a few newcomers and a couple of rare bottles that even the most seasoned agave drinker might not recognise. They weave their way in and out of the cocktail menu or are paired with flavour enhancers to complement the notes of the spirits. It's a full agave education, and the learning never stops - easy to justify a return visit. 


By BarChick


378 Kingsland Rd, Haggerston, London E8 4AA, UK Dalston


Tuesday -Saturday: 5pm-11pm


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