Harrods Baccarat Bar

Harrods Baccarat Bar


Understated this is not.

It's the most famous, luxurious and OTT department store in the world, and it has never had its own stand-alone concept bar - until now. Harrods has opened its doors to a brand new bar and, as you'd expect, it ain't the kinda place to rock up to in a hoody.  Oh no honey this is fancy; created in partnership with the fine crystal maker, Baccarat, they've fused Harrods glamour with Baccarat’s legendary craftsmanship; glitzy chandeliers illuminate the world-class bar and fancy tassled red velvet and leather banquettes are just the place to buckle up for some serious cocktails. You might wanna pick your jaw off the monochrome marble flooring as you walk in.  

The bar has its own separate entrance on Hans Crescent but can also be accessed on the lower ground floor of Harrods, so we say take the scenic route for some shopping eye candy. World Class winner Cameron Attfield is the man behind the menu of 16 cocktails based around the concept of 'Refraction and Clarity'.  Yup we're talking bling with drinks served in Baccarat glassware and even the shape, size and quality of the glassware has been hand picked to big up the flavours and colours of each recipe. Just don't knock it over, yeah? 


By BarChick


Lower Ground Floor, Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW3 1RT


Monday 4PM - 12AM
Tuesday 4PM - 12AM
Wednesday 4PM - 12AM
Thursday 4PM - 12AM
Friday 4PM - 12AM
Saturday 12PM - 12AM
Sunday 12PM - 10PM



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