Julie's Restaurant and Champagne Bar


Set in a pretty square near Holland Park, Julie’s is as classic as the houses that surround it. For the last 40 years this old school restaurant and Champagne bar has been keeping locals and new comers perfectly fed and watered.

It’s like some kind of posh maze in here, with different styled rooms to explore, the bar is simple and there are some outside tables (perfect for yummy mummy watching). The bar is basic, akin to a pub bar only minus the taps (with a mismatch of wooden stools to perch on). They have a good selection of wine and Champagne (including their own) as well as a list of classic cocktails, BarChick kicked off with a good Whisky Sour.

Take a date or your mum and stay for dinner. The restaurant rooms are all white washed with Indian carvings, alcoves, murals, church pews and ornamental branches decorated in fairy lights creep up the walls, they work perfectly for a private party. The menu is split into six sections with a few delicious offerings under each, so it’s easy to choose quickly if you’re too engrossed in your date.




135 Portland Rd, Holland Park, London W11 4LW, UK Tel: +44 20 7229 8331


Mon - Sun: 10am - 11pm


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