KOL Mezcaleria

KOL Mezcaleria


As KOL as ice

It's no secret we're fans of Mezcal - hell, we shout it from the rooftops at most opportunities. Tequila's smokier, sexier sister is epic on its own or in a kickass cocktail, giving it that bit of grown-up sass. So when the words 'new mezcaleria' reach our ears, we're damn well listening.

KOL Mezcaleria is gonna be tucked within KOL restaurant in Marylebone & promises to be one of Europe’s leading destinations to get better acquainted with this agave spirit. Love it. Whether you're already a firm friend or are yet to meet mezcal then this is the place to spend some quality time cosying up with a measure or three. 

Now, we're not one to namedrop, but it seems pretty essential to mention that the badass bartender heading up KOL is none other than Maxim Schulte. When you have an award-winning mixologiost who was formally Head Bartender at none other than the American Bar at The Savoy on board... well, let's say we feel in very safe hands indeed.

The space mixes understated style with laid-back cool and is inspired by the buzzing mezcal bars that are rife all over Mexico. There will also be a menu of street-food inspired snacks for when you need to line that stomach. Because when it comes to mezcal & tacos, eating is never cheating. 

KOL Mezcaleria will open within KOL on May 2021



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9 Seymour St, Marylebone, London W1H 7BA


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