Le Bab Old Street

Le Bab Old Street

Le Bab Old Street

Le Bab Old Street


Late-night rituals return!

It's amazing the things you start to miss when you can't have them, isn't it? A packet of crisps ripped open and placed in the middle of a pub garden table to share; a pint of beer served in an actual pint glass that you don't have to wash up; the restorative kebab at the end of a night out with your friends.

Now lockdown is lifted, the reunions with mates and our fave past-times can resume, so we suggest beelining for the nightlife heartland of Shoreditch to get yourself that early-hours kebab, as the team behind Le Bab have opened up their third joint on the former site of “Turkish Delight” kebab shop in Old Street. Eventually, they'll be open 'til 5am, but for now they're bringing a mix of Middle Eastern flavours with international influences and fine dining techniques to the slightly "earlier" early hours. We never thought we'd be craving a kebab straight after work, but here we are...


By BarChick


Le Bab 231 Old St, Hoxton, London, EC1V 9HE Tel: 0770 652 7588


Thursday - Saturday: 5pm-11pm


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