Le Magritte at The Beaumont

Le Magritte at The Beaumont

Le Magritte at The Beaumont

Le Magritte at The Beaumont


Art-deco luxury gets intimate

Mayfair is no stranger to grandeur, and The Beaumont hotel has it in spades - just take a look at the lobby, with its shimmering black-and-white-checkered floors, lavish portraits and airy atmosphere. But at Le Magritte Bar & Terrace, the hotel's refurbished drinking den, luxury has a more intimate vibe. 

With just 30 covers, this moodily lit American bar boasts wood panelled-walls and stately, stylish armchairs angled round sleek little tables. Welcome to art-deco glamour at its finest. The place is named after the 20th-century surrealist artist René Magritte, and you'll find his self-portrait chillin' behind the granite and leather bar. 

American whiskeys and bourbons are the speciality here, and you'll find loads of awesome options if you're looking to sip the brown stuff. The white-jacketed bartenders also make impeccable whiskey cocktails. When in doubt, order a classic Old Fashioned - theirs is perfectly balanced. If you're in an adventurous mood, Le Magritte also serves a concise selection of its own creations. Natural Encounters 1945, with mezcal, Pietro Nicola Pescaro, crème de pêche and grapefruit juice, is a real winner. The bar snacks are equal parts fancy and delicious, too - one bite of the French toast with bacon jam and truffle, and you'll be plotting your next visit. It'll probs have to wait til after payday, though. With cocktails at £20 a pop, this is one for when ya wanna channel your inner Jay Gatsby and splash the cash. 


By Kate Malczewski


The Beaumont, Brown Hart Gardens, London W1K 6TF


Monday 6 30–10:30am, 12pm–12am
Tuesday 6 30–10:30am, 12pm–12am
Wednesday 6 30–10:30am, 12pm–12am
Thursday 6 30–10:30am, 12pm–12am
Friday 6 30–10:30am, 12pm–12am
Saturday 6 30–10:30am, 12pm–12am
Sunday 6 30–10:30am, 12–11pm


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