Monsieur Le Duck

Monsieur Le Duck

Monsieur Le Duck


An early 20th century Parisian boudoir (OK, bar) has settled in to roost above Clerkenwell's Monsieur Le Duck.

BarChick's all about the sweetness of living, or the douceur de vivre as our French pals Monsieur Le Duck would say. That's the ethos of their new digs in Clerkenwell, where its all about a killer menu of duck dishes and cocktails with a little je ne sais quoi.

You'll feel like you've just jumped the Eurostar and rocked up in France. Downstairs you can sink your teeth into the canard du jour and order a few bevs from the 'Duck Pond'; the large, centrally located bar serving up apéritif classics and house specials. If you've got a sense of adventure and a taste for the meaty, give the world's first duck-fat washed Armagnac a go before heading to the Duck Nest upstairs. Up here the curtains remain closed and some sensual-bordering-sleazy French jazz plays while a well-dressed bartender waits to demo his moves. Take a date, order a few rounds of the Mezcal & Calvados based Pomme Fumeé and they'll be in the mood for a bit of french kissing in no time.

By BarChick


27 Clerkenwell Rd, Farringdon, London EC1M 5RN, UK


Monday 11am–11pm
Tuesday 11am–11pm
Wednesday 11am–11pm
Thursday 11am–11pm
Friday 11am–11pm
Saturday 10am–11pm
Sunday 10am–5pm



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