Passing Clouds


What used to be a squat, is now a fair trading, hippy hanging, film loving, swing dancing weird and wonderful world which is owned by a cat called Tony. Don't do the Soprano impression, the look on his face suggests that joke is getting old on the poor feline. Set over 2 storeys, the décor is amazing, lots of sofas, art, funky umbrellas, lamps, objects, it's the kind of place that will continue to change as it aquires more weird and wacky junk.

Whatever day of the week it is, Passing Clouds will have something to offer, whether it is a people's kitchen, a late night jam session, pre world war 2 ragtime night, or some good old fashioned dance lessons. Get into character and get involved (that equals outfit, facial hair and manners). Open till 1am during the week and 3am through the weekend this place is available to you whenever you want it.

Don't panic, it's organic, and you are sure to leave feeling more wholesome than most bars in this part of town. BarChick loved the banana beer, and the tropical rum and vodka. If you're having a detox then their vast tea selection will keep you occupied! Feeling peckish? There's no big menu here, just a meal for the night for £3.50 for everyone to enjoy, just like you would at home. If you like sports cars and titty bars, then this probably isn't for you, but if you like to learn new things and meet eclectic people then you'll LOVE it.



1 Richmond Rd, London E8 4AA, UK Tel: +44 7951 989 897


Mon-Thurs 7pm-1am, Fri-Sun 8pm-3am


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