Piano Works West End

Piano Works West End


Show tunes, power ballads and 90's bangers played on repeat by a live band? You've just found BarChick's favourite central London party bar.

As party bars go, this one is pretty vast, with two rooms churning out music all night long. It's all tables lit up in neon colours, a huge dance floor, mirrored walls and a large round bar taking centre stage. Well, actually, it would be taking centre stage, if it weren’t for the actual centre stage, which hosts two electronic baby grand pianos and a drum kit, flanked by a bassist and a few guitarists. Every night a 6-piece band play a non-stop repertoire of live music picked by the room. Grab one of the song request-slips, write down your fave tunes and wait for those opening bars of Mr Brightside before kissing goodbye to your vocal cords.  You're in for a night of bangers on repeat. Hope your cardio is up to scratch, too.

BarChick's top tip: get here early: avoid the entrance fee, hit the generous happy hour, and get your request to the top of the pile. The cocktails are good and if you're here early enough, check out the menu themed around the most requested tracks. But when the place is busy, waiting ages for a meticulously made cocktail only to have it served in a plastic glass and then knocked out your hand by someone throwing shapes to Summer of '69 seems pointless. Crack on with a G&T and get prepared for a few spills. You're not here to consider the complex flavours of their Old Fashioned. You're here to dance your t*ts off.



By BarChick


47 Whitcomb St, London WC2H 7DH, UK


Sunday-Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 5pm–1am
Thursday 5pm–1am
Friday 5pm–1:30am
Saturday 12pm–2am


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