You thought the floating Yoda in Trafalgar Square was surreal, you ain't seen nothin' yet...

BarChick's craving for the indulgent and need to escape the Central London mayhem landed us in this plant-filled hideaway. The door has one of those unavoidable Instagram floral traps  which are calling out to be posed by,  and they don't stop there.  If Jumanji was a wedding theme, this is what the post-ceremony bar would look like, with less stampeding rhinos and more velvet seating.  

We reckon this place is a solid option if you wanna impress a date, but the early to mid-week atmosphere is more fancy business meeting than seduction, so rock up towards the weekend if you wanna conduct some wooing. To match the dainty jungle vibes, the cocktails are of the botanical kind. The bar crew have a flair for the homemade - cordials, juices, purées and syrups - they got that sh*t down. And you don't get extraordinary decor without some jaw-dropping presentation to match. The British Boxwood will have you reaching for your camera quicker than you can say 'Boomerang'; arriving in a bottle for you to shake and pour, this Plymouth Gin based cocktail shimmers with edible glitter as it swirls into the glass, and after a few sips of Fern's Elixir, with it's champagne flute dusted in gold glitter and bold mix of Rinomato Americano Bianco, Mancino Bianco Ambrato, Electric Bitters, Watermelon Juice & Antech Cremant de Limeaux, you'll look like you've been pashing with C3PO. 

For something a bit less sparkly but hella tasty, dip into the killer bar food. The menu goes from the Latin and Central American to flavours from the Middle East... The ceviches have that fresh zing that'll make your saliva glands seep, while the Organic Welsh Lamb, Minted Yoghurt, Courgette flatbread is cool and juicy, like a pizza with a sh*t loada class.

By Hannah Grace Lodge


181-183 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0SF, UK London United Kingdon


Monday - Saturday Midday to Midnight



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