Salvatore's Bar at The Playboy Club


When you think of Playboy you immediately think of beautiful women (often naked, or at least well endowed) and the rich. Some find it tacky, others sleazy but the truth is, it's just a bit of fun really. Plus, a bar that is named after the original cocktail Maestro, Salvatore Calabrese, is the sign of a good time.

This sexy hangout is found in the heart of Mayfair, come in your Rolls. On entry you will admire their huge drink selection, each shelf is loaded with ancient bottles, one-of-a kind cocktail shakers, glasses and even a first signed edition of the Savoy Cocktail book. This collection is said to be one of the worlds finest, Oh and ask about the rubber duck! Don't get ahead of yourself, or your wallet, a cocktail made from one of those bottles is going to cost ya, and around 2000 quid a go. Ouch.

The bar itself is dimly lit; with a lot of lighting oozing from the playboy logo patterned wall at the end. Sure, there are a few bunnies around, but they aren’t the main attraction, that would be Salvatore and his amazing cocktails. BarChick LOVED the Spicy Fifty, sweet and sour with a spicy kick at the end served with a red chili. Want the classics? Then clearly the breakfast martini or a negroni are the perfect choice, we managed to get one made by the man himself. Not easy!



14 Old Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1ND, UK Tel: +44 20 7491 8586


Sunday 00:00
Monday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday closed
Thursday closed
Friday closed
Saturday closed


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