Steam & Rye

Steam & Rye

Steam & Rye


Steam & Rye is a mega venue with multiple floors of dining, drinking, live music and a 3am closing time, brought to us by Nick House (Mahiki/Whisky Mist/Bodo Schloss) and Kelly, great rack, Brook. Walk into The Mail Room designed like NYC’s Grand Central Station and get involved with one of their Prescription Juleps. BarChick favourite Andy Mil heads up all things bar-related so you know drinks are gonna be good.

This floor is great and all but BarChick was loving the other floors. Upstairs is like some sort of cargo hold filled with suitcases, birdcages and a whole load of taxidermy… there’s even a giraffe, because of course. This section is more cosy and romantic.

Downstairs is far more slick than the rest, it’s designed like a long steam train dining carriage with leather booths and a long thin shiny bar. Get some Mile High’s in, they are served with little paper aeroplanes made out of pages from 50 Shades of Grey… saucy. Hungry? These guys serve classic American eats like BBQ spare ribs and clam chowder. Tuck in.



147 Leadenhall St, London EC3V 4QT, UK Tel: +44 20 7444 9960


Mon - Fri: 4pm - 3am, Sat: 6pm - 3am



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