The Ivy Asia Mayfair

The Ivy Asia Mayfair

The Ivy Asia Mayfair


The Ivy got exotic... and we like it

Once upon a time, The Ivy simply meant the posh, stained-glass window restaurant on West Street that you needed a dinner jacket or smart shoes to dine in. Then came the group of picture-pretty Ivy Brasseries and Cafés, making it a bit more accessible to get your swank on. Now The Ivy Asia has arrived to bring a taste of the Far East to the shores of Blighty, all with the signature Instagrammable appeal that you know you're gonna fall for. 

The Ivy Mayfair is fun and flamboyant and drop-dead gorgeous. There’s the jade-green floor, a passage dripping with blossoms, an actual flowery tree to pose under and loos so pretty you’ll spend half an hour in them getting the ultimate selfie. Go for a Sakura Martini cocktail - it comes with a puff of cotton candy to start things on a sweet note - or crack on with their version of a Negroni, the Fujian Tea Garden. Food-wise, everything rocks. The prawn dumplings are heaven. The spicy lobster fried rice can't be beat. Don’t fill up before you’ve had the Red Dragon sharing dessert - essentially a sweet shop delivered to your table, with honeycomb, donuts, chocolate sauce, popping candy, soft-serve ice cream, peanut brittle and more. Before you know it, you’ll be bouncing off those beautiful, blossom-covered walls. And since they're open til 2am with a DJ most days, who cares?

By Rebecca Milford


8-10 N Audley St, London W1K 6ZD


Monday 11:30 –00:00
Tuesday 11:30 – 02:00
Wednesday 11:30 – 02:00
Thursday 11:30 – 02:00
Friday 11:30 – 02:00
Saturday 11:30 – 02:00
Sunday 11:30 – 02:00



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