The Connaught

The Connaught


It's official: this is The Best Bar In The World

Sparkly touches, marble trim and an deco vibe. What more would you expect from the 50 Best Bar Awards 2020 Number 1 bar? It's all in the details at this Mayfair bar. Just like arriving on honeymoon in Bali, you're welcomed with a complimentary drink as soon as you settle down (hint: embrace it, 'cos this isn’t going to be a cheap evening). The drink varies depending on the evening, but it’s likely to be something to freshen the palate rather than a shot of tequila. This is a classy place.

You’re going to need a Martini. Trust us. There’s amazing attention to detail here, from the camp lacquered trolley and home-made bitters that give the drinks some unusual twists: lavender, coriander, tonka. The idea is to tell them your mood/how you wanna feel and they'll match it to your Martini. How cool is that? Watch how they've perfected the long pour - while your jaw falls, they don't even spill a drop. We're in. BarChick likes her Martinis like her men, filthy.

If you're out to woo a hot date / impress the in-laws / pop the question, then graduate to fizz; there’s an awesome selection and plenty of trophy wines to boot. All of their cocktails are killer, you've got the legend that is Ago to thank for that. Good job the juicy olives and snacks shipped in from Sardinia (only the best) are refilled on the reg as you probably won't be able to afford dinner after. We prefer Martinis anyway.

By BarChick


Carlos Pl, Mayfair, London W1K 2AL, UK Tel: +44 20 7499 7070


Mon-Sat 4pm - 1am
Sunday 4pm - 12am



Sunday in Brooklyn, NYC

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