WC Bloomsbury

WC Bloomsbury


This place has "date night" written all over it

2020 has been crap, but this new basement bar is here to save it from totally going down the toilet. The crew from Clapham's infamous OG WC have expanded their disused-loo empire into Central London and opened their second subterranean bar in the shell of a 120-year-old Grade II Victorian Water Closet in Bloomsbury. Could this be the greatest glow-up of lockdown?

They've kept the porcelain tiles and marble floors, added epic art-work to the back-bar and reworked the original toilet stalls into intimate, cosy booths. You're gonna look hot in the glow of the candles, so if you're seeking a date venue that'll seal the deal, invite your potential beau for a Rendez-Vous in these loos. Hot flushes all around.

WC = Wine & Charcuterie, and if a place is gonna give its name to something, you know it's gonna bang. But heads up - the cocktail menu is a smasher with plenty of concoctions that should tempt you away from the vino. We were all about the signature rum Old Fashioned (AKA Trade Winds) with it's rich, deep chocolatey notes, and the contrasting fresh Summer flavours of the tequila and elderflower laced Mexican Butterfly. Sure, the charcuterie boards are a vibe, but don't pass up the fresh bread with merlot (yes, MERLOT) butter to go with the plates of seasonal, creamy polenta mushrooms and rich, steaming beef croquettes with plum sauce. WC bars: a flash in the pan? We don't think so.


By BarChick


WC Wine & Charcuterie Bloomsbury Guilford Pl, Holborn, London WC1N 1EA.


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