Lost Property Office

Lost Property Office

Lost Property Office


Little speakeasy, big cocktail credentials

Make your way upstairs inside BrewDog's absolutely heaving, undeniably massive pub in Waterloo, then look for a vintage telephone - that's your ticket to escaping the crowds, baby. If you ask the operator nicely, they'll open the secret door and welcome you to this intimate, cinematic cave of a cocktail bar.

Lost Property Office is a modern take on the classic speakeasy, and it's got a flair for the dramatic: we're talkin' dark, moody, minimalist decor, a bar illuminated by theatrical spotlights and cocktails with some major visual appeal (that means they're great for the 'gram). Of course, these creative serves come from the mind of bartender extraordinaire Rich Woods, formerly of the epic sustainability-focused bar Scout (RIP), so you know they've got the flavours to back up their striking looks. 

Our pick when it comes to both aesthetics and taste is the Lagerita, a lush mix of hopped tequila, clarified lime, blood orange and bergamot, topped with an ethereal cloud of beer foam and a garden of micro flowers. Or channel your inner Bond and go for the Martini Roulette, a trio of tiny 'tinis that look identical but have wildly different flavour profiles. It may be a gamble, but it's one you're sure to win.


By BarChick


Unit G, Waterloo Station, 01 The Sidings, London SE1 7BH, UK


Monday 5pm-12am
Tuesday 5pm-12am
Wednesday 5pm-12am
Thursday 5pm-12am
Friday 5pm-1am
Saturday 5pm-1am
Sunday 5pm-12am


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