Lucky Schmuck

Lucky Schmuck


Karaoke + Champagne = not your average dive bar

Moët & Chandon isn't the first drink that comes to mind when you think of a dive bar, but Lucky Schmuck is all about the unexpected. This Barcelona spot is the kinda place where one beer quickly escalates to an all-night karaoke sesh fuelled by Champagne and pure Y2K pop nostalgia. You'll probably take too many shots; you'll absolutely make a few friends along the way. You may not know exactly how it happened, but you'll definitely be glad it did.

Even before things get rowdy here, the vibes are immaculate. Wood-panelled walls, a black-and-white checkered floor and loads of neon lights give it the feel of a classic American roadside joint, but there are a few key elements that let you know this ain't your average dive. Massive disco ball? Check. Bloody taxidermy unicorn guarding the entrance? Check.

Rock up, order one of the bangin' cocktails on tap (this is the sister venue to legendary cocktail bar Two Schmucks, after all) and grab a seat on the picnic bench beside the bar - with an in-built stripper pole, it's the perfect table for gettin' down on once the party takes off. And oh, will it take off. Drinks are two-for-one until 9pm, an epic deal that puts everyone in a good mood. There's live music weekly, and the karaoke room is open all night long. Time to dive in...

By Kate Malczewski


Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 36, 08001


Monday 6pm–2:30am
Tuesday 6pm–2:30am
Wednesday 6pm–2:30am
Thursday 6pm–2:30am
Friday 6pm–2:30am
Saturday 6pm–2:30am
Sunday 6pm–2:30am


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